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AUTOMAX/PROFIMAX are the brands of the international group of companies GAT (Gesellschaft für fuel and automobile technology mbH & Co. KG), which were specially developed for the end consumer market in 2014.

AUTOMAX/PROFIMAX stand for high-quality products that have been specially designed for distribution via retail channels such as petrol stations and e-commerce. AUTOMAX/PROFIMAX processes and products are TÜV-certified and tested by recognized laboratories and institutions. The product range with the core competence of cleaning, care and maintenance is constantly being expanded and adapted to the changes in the market. AUTOMAX/PROFIMAX have established themselves as global brands and stand for outstanding additives and system cleaners, “Made in Germany”.

Find out more at: https://www.gat-international.de

Benefits at a glance

AUTOMAX/PROFIMAX products are specially made for cleaning fuel systems. This cleaning process leads to a maintenance of performance and an increase in the reliability of passenger cars. Thanks to efficient combustion processes, emissions and fuel consumption are optimized and maintenance costs are reduced.