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Fuel System Cleaner PLUS

AUTOMAX Fuel System Cleaner PLUS is suitable for use in all petrol engines, generators and high-performance engines (e.g. boat, bike etc.). Removes operationally caused contamination in the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber. Dissolves resins and gums in the carburetor and injection system. Removes coking and unburned carbon residues in the upper cylinder area and binds moisture and condensed water in the complete fuel system.

Advantages:Clean and powerful combustion process and highly efficient engine running. The product has a positive impact on fuel consumption, improved engine performance and reduced exhaust gas emissions. Protects against corrosion and considerably prolongs the life span of the fuel system and catalytic converter.


250 ml

Reaction time

works during operation

Application field

for use in all gasoline engines

Application interval

with every tank filling


50 ml for 10 L