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Rust Remover MoS2

AUTOMAX Rust Remover MoS2 contains selected raw materials for fast and effective results at corroded metal compounds. High capillary effect and good creeping properties ensure that even the smallest cracks can be reached. Anti-corrosion additives provide long-term protection of the metal parts. This product is also perfectly suitable as lubricant.

Advantages:Disassembly aid for rusted metal compounds. Loosens corroded connections such as nuts and bolts, infiltrates and penetrates rust. Permanent lubrication of screw connections, guides and all types of sliding surfaces. Can be used as lubricant for Bowden cables, chains, hinges and other moving parts. Assembly help in order to facilitate subsequent disassembly. Prevents seizing of bolted joints. Eliminates squeaking and creaking noises.


500 ml

Reaction time

approx. 5 Min.

Application field

for all types of maintenance work

Application interval

on demand


depending on application