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Nano Engine Protect & Seal

PROFIMAX Nano Engine Protect & Seal forms a highly efficient nano anti-friction layer in the oil circuit and is recommended for use in vehicles with turbocharger, compressor, catalytic converters and particulate filter. Use this product in all petrol and diesel engines with common rails as well as pump injector fuel systems. Our product protects all the internal surfaces of engine and equipment e. g. oil systems, manual gearboxes, differentials, transfer boxes and keeps the O-rings and shaft seals soft and supple.

Advantages:Increases the efficiency of the oil, reduces wear and tear, protects against corrosion, prevents from deposits in the oil and lubrication system, combats harmful engine acids, increases reliability of operation and prolongs life span of all components. Decreases oil consumption and emissions, improves engine performance.


250 ml

Reaction time

works during operation

Application field

for use in all diesel and gasoline engines

Application interval

with every oil change or on demand


60 ml for 1 L