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Radiator Flush

AUTOMAX Radiator Flush is for use in all water cooled, closed cooling systems (commercial vehicles, passenger cars, industrial heat exchangers). Contains quick-reacting components for removal of operationally caused contamination in the entire cooling circuit. The Product cleans the complete cooling system, dissolves and removes scale and improves the performance of valves, thermostats and water pumps.

Advantages:The major part of chemical energy that is bound in the fuel is converted into heat during the combustion process which must be dissipated. Therefore, a fully functional cooling system is of major importance for the operational liability of engines! Improved heating and cooling performance. Increases the operational liability of the cooling system and extends the life span of all aggregates.


250 ml

Reaction time

approx. 30 Min.

Application field

for use in all water cooled, closed cooling systems

Application interval

before every change of coolant


30 ml for 1 L